Correspondence with Downside Abbey

21st May 2003

Text of an E-mail sent by the editor to Downside Abbey:

From: K.J. Petrie - (Instabook)

To: Downside Abbey

Subject: Addressing Difficult Questions

I wonder whether you can give me any advice on where I could get an informed and authoritative response to my questions contained in the correspondence below. It was a respondent at Clifton Cathedral who suggested I approach either yourselves or Prinknash, as you will see. I have chosen to try yourselves first because your website suggested a sounder academic approach.

Whilst I fully appreciate people are busy, I also believe I am raising fundamental issues for ecclesiology and Ecumenism which deserve as much time as necessary to advance our mutual understanding. However, I have to admit to a degree of disappointment in my attempts to obtain a serious response, so far. I am not trying to be difficult, though I recognise I may be presenting a challenge. I think knowledge benefits from facing such challenges, however.

I maintain a small website at on the subject, and ideally would like to publish any correspondence there, so others could benefit. However, it is more important to engage creatively, were it felt publication might stifle what could be entertained.

As the exchange below is self-explanatory and gives a clear indication of the progress made so far, I shall not add to it here. I simply await any advice you can give as to how I might proceed.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours faithfully,

Ken Petrie.

(Correspondence with Clifton Cathedral Followed.)

Reply awaited.

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